Comment of the Day: Nice Place To Live, But They Don’t Want To Visit

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NICE PLACE TO LIVE, BUT THEY DON’T WANT TO VISIT “I’ve lived in Houston for 30 years. It has taken me a long time to reconcile that! Every time I travel I’d come back and be annoyed for about 2 weeks that I lived here and not in one of those other “beautiful” cities. Compounding that, none of my family (on the East Coast) likes Houston or ever wants to come visit here. And I always felt like I had to apologize for Houston not being scenic or interesting or touristy. But not anymore! Like I said, I’ve reconciled that with the fact that Houston is a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE. Screw the tourists. We don’t have to apologize about living here. And there is no finer place to live than the (all too brief) green, flowery spring! (Then we dive into our homes for our AC’s !) And an added bonus, I don’t have to EVER worry about relatives coming to visit.” [Colleen, commenting on Comment of the Day: The High Cost of Beauty]

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  • I like Houston, it is nice here, but I am from Beaumont. haha

  • I agree. The last thing that this town should ever do is try to become a tourist place. Tourists can ruin the experience of cities. In Houston, people are here for a reason. They are here to actually work and live.

  • all my relatives love coming to visit, but maybe its because they are either from small towns or live up north in the cold.

  • My friends and family have all had a great time coming to visit. I guess it depends on where in Houston you live.
    (or my friends/family could be lying to me ;)

  • Same story for my inlaws from New England – they came once in a warmer than normal October, sweated their asses off, and swore to never return. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Maybe my family doesn’t love me and it’s just an excuse! LOL

    But part of the problem with Houston is it’s not “one the way” to anything if you are driving. Like the East Coast route NYC–DC–Florida.

  • I think that we have to agree that today is freakin beautiful and anyone would want to visit Houston today.

  • PLUS Houstonians are friendly!
    Most of us are from somewhere else and so make the effort to befriend.

  • I agree, I always get the “htown blues” when I come back from being away. The difference is that after a few weeks I’ve lowered my standards again and accept it.

  • I was in downtown San Antonio on business last week. Tourists are a pain in the neck.