Comment of the Day: North Shepherd Automotive District Expansion Program

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NORTH SHEPHERD AUTOMOTIVE DISTRICT EXPANSION PROGRAM “Forget Ross and Kroger….I’m excited about the new Auto Parts store that just put up a contruction sign up on 11th and Dorothy (across from Dragon Bowl). How exciting to have a third auto parts store within the 1/10th mile!!!” [biggerintexas, commenting on Opening Day: H-E-B Buffalo Market Stampede Begins]

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  • -nothin says ‘class’ like a greasy, dirty auto store parking lot! let’s keep up the good work to let the world know houston is a world class ‘a’ city to live and work in! hey, even the ceo of continental airlines may, now and then, need a new battery or in-cabin airfreshener for his company ride.

  • Auto parts stores may not be considered “classy”, but they are a necessary business like grocery stores and drug stores. Some of us actually know enough about our vehicles that we are able to work on them ourselves. In doing so,we save lots of money in car repair bills. Additionally, people with classic/collector cars often patronize auto parts stores, because they do not trust the average mechanic to work on their cars. Rather than criticizing these businesses, how about accepting them as part of the retail landscape? Heck, even the “classy” neighborhoods of West U and Bellaire have auto parts stores in their commercial areas.

  • You would think people would stop at one within a “1/10th mile” Radius. Already sounds like the business might not do so well..

  • At the end of the day Shepherd and Durham between 10 and 610 support a high density of used car lots and specialty and general automotive repair shops. Whilst some of the larger places will get parts from delivery services many of the smaller mom & pop places will still be using the local parts shops. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was still enough business to support another store.

  • The city should consider renaming the area the “Used Car Lot/Auto Parts District.” Special street signs and all!