Comment of the Day: Not Entirely Weaned from the Breastfeeding Store

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NOT ENTIRELY WEANED FROM THE BREASTFEEDING STORE “I also find the news sad. The store was so beautiful inside — I felt special walking in to rent a scale, get a consult, buy some clothes, or just use the couches to take a break and feed my babes (with Sandie’s help, I breastfed twins!). I didn’t really understand the name of the store (silly me, I didn’t even realize that it was a store geared toward breastfeeding!) until I had children myself — birthing and breastfeeding a child is definitely work, the work that only a woman can do! My twins are six now. They love walking past the window displays. We’ll have to go again tomorrow, and sit on the couches one last time. The upside of the move is that it sounds like A Woman’s Work is now going to be in the same building as a large pediatric practice; for those families getting breastfeeding help should be easier than ever.” [Joyce, commenting on A Woman’s Work Is Abandoning the Village]

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  • I truly find these sorts of responses amazing. I purchased two very expensive items from Woman’s Work, out of necessity– each time regretting my purchase afterwards because the exorbitant cost was not justified by the horrible customer service I received. Perhaps my visits were on bad days. I guess it is good that the store is closing, the owner will truly be able to focus more on breastfeeding support and education and give more women the experience described above– because let me tell you, my experiences were awful.

  • @Joyce,

    Six is too old to be breastfeeding your twins, not to mention what is has likely done to your twins.

  • Um, what?

    @cross – Nowhere does she say she’s still breastfeeding her 6 year old twins. What on earth do you think it has “likely done” to them?

    @Mel – I have never experienced anything less than fabulous customer service and assistance from A Woman’s Work.

  • Cross – HUH? She said she breastfeed her twins, who are now six. She didn’t say she was STILL breastfeeding her twins at the age of six.

  • ohhhh noooooo BOOBIES GO BYE BYE :(


  • While I had both bad and good service experiences shopping at this store, it was a bit of an oasis for a new mom who wanted desperately to get out of the house but wasn’t yet sure of how others would react to seeing me nurse by child. I always knew this was a place where I could go and feel comfortable. And they had a public restroom with a changing table. Luckily, I am way over my nerves now (and no longer have a nursing babies) but they will be missed by a next generation of new moms who just need a place to sit.

  • Add me to the list of people who had nothing but awful experiences there. I won’t miss it one bit.

  • Breast feeding in general doesn’t get much respect in our culture.