Comment of the Day: Not So Dry in the Hogan-Allnoch Dry Goods Building

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NOT SO DRY IN THE HOGAN-ALLNOCH DRY GOODS BUILDING “I looked at this building for a client last month and can tell you that it is in BAD shape. Despite what the court may have decided, Harris County has already accomplished ‘demolition by neglect’ on this building. It has MAJOR structural problems and pieces of the building are literally falling on the sidewalk below. The masonry wall is coming apart due to extreme settlement, failing lintels, and 80 years of water infiltration. The most amazing thing about this building was to see that most of the wood joists in the building have twisted and cracked as the floors have moved due to the settlement of the exterior walls. The only way to save the building would be to literally tear it down brick by brick and rebuild it one brick at a time. Additionally large portions of the heavy timber structure would have to be replaced due to the cracking but also due to water damage on the south facade. There is a Walter P. Moore report that confirms most of this. In the interests of public safety, (unfortunately) the wrecking ball is the only solution for this building.” [mt, commenting on Old Building Still Blocking 27 Cars from Parking Downtown]