Comment of the Day: O Brother, Can You Spare a T-Square?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: O BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A T-SQUARE? “. . . The reality is that we’re all trying to endure circumstances that possibly could be described as the Great Depression in architecture. Spoke to a Boston Architect last week who said the unemployment rate there is 50%. That’s not a recession… that’s a depression in our industry. So, we’re all enduring a brutal time. We can all get testy and nasty… which would be human nature. Or, we can work together to endure these hard times. Somebody please pass the soup.” [Darrell, commenting on Leaner and Meaner: The EDI Architecture Story]

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  • during the recession of the 1980’s at least architects and desigers could go to boston, los angeles, denver, seattle, miami, etc. now it’s bad everywhere, and this town is actually considered to be doing pretty well.