Comment of the Day: Ode to the Southeast Line Clearance Testing Regimen

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ODE TO THE SOUTHEAST LINE CLEARANCE TESTING REGIMEN Drawing of Light Rail Car, Houston“9:53 pm and I can hear the hollow, electronic train horn from my study window, the sad woot of the empty car. Despite the fact that I cannot ride the Metro train, it runs. Past me on my morning commute, it runs. Stopping traffic for 10 minutes on my way home. Always, it runs.” [crunch, commenting on Why Metro Trains Are Already Rolling Around UH] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I recall the original light rail trains had an old west steam whistle sound – something you’d hear emanating from the type of corny engine in Minute Maid as she clickedy-clacked towards Pigeon Gulch and Tumbleweed Falls.

  • Seems that someone is a Maya Angelou fan.

  • fun fact: As I waited at Lockwood and Harrisburg this morning at 7:10 for the empty train to pass, I noticed that the plastic is still on the seats. How thoughtful of Metro to endeavor to preserve that new train smell for us through a rigorous 18 months of testing.
    I have never read Maya Angelou, but I’m encouraged to know that she sees through Metro’s tricks!

  • The 19 people that will be actually riding this line on a regular basis probably can’t wait for the fun to begin. I also will be riding but not likely until it hops the train tracks and makes it over to the Magnolia Transient Center. It should provide a relief from the bone-crunching, teeth-loosening bus rides.