Comment of the Day: Out with the Old, In with the Old

COMMENT OF THE DAY: OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE OLD 3849 Inwood Dr., River Oaks, and 2219 Kane St., Old Sixth Ward, HoustonEverything you would want to know about Houston real estate is encapsulated in today’s demo list and the next story immediately after it. A beautiful, classic River Oaks home in outstanding (if not spotless) condition and with plenty of sq. ft. is going to be demoed in order to build some gaudy lot line monster. Then, a tiny turn of the century Victorian bungalow in terrible condition is put on a truck, moved to another location, and lovingly restored inch by inch into a wonderfully creative and artistic work space for a small architectural firm.” [Old School, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: The Fisher Ding] Photos: HAR (3849 Inwood Dr.); KinneyMorrow Architecture (2219 Kane St.)

One Comment

  • One is a massive probably foundadton built house with no one nar with a lot bg enough to accomodate a move (if that were even possible) or the money to afford it…the other is a pier/beam spec that could fit on the back of a tractor trailer, be set in a tiny lot and costs next to nothing…kinda makes sense their fates when you think about it.