Comment of the Day: Pale in Comparison

COMMENT OF THE DAY: PALE IN COMPARISON “Stephen Fox does a real disservice to drag queens, whose mummery and satire are rooted in fascinating questions about gender identity and the plights of powerless human beings. They have nothing to do with shoddily built, ostentatious and vulgar houses. Drag queens are necessary and even essential to a healthy civilization, they parody and mock for the forces of goodness, but shitty architecture benefits nobody.” [Scott Bodenheimer, commenting on Waving the Fronds on Palm Royale Blvd.]

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  • I once had a fistfight with a drag queen whose pimp kicked my car. I’ve never had problems from architected buildings. So in a sense your argument is wrong.

  • I can always count on Swamplot for comic relief. Thanks, fellers!

  • mek ju- when architecture blows you away, it is a free visual pleasure versus a drag queen hooker that demands payment when they blow you away. If you want the blowing, expect to pay and when you try to stiff (no pun intended) the hooker you can expect an ass whipping from the pimp, that’s the business.