Comment of the Day: Reading the Washington Ave Crystal Ball

COMMENT OF THE DAY: READING THE WASHINGTON AVE CRYSTAL BALL “Eventually people will get sick of having no place to park and the hot spot will move on. Prediction is for Brixx to go out of business within six months, Eight will turn into a restaurant within a year and Taps will probably stay as it is. Not sure about Roosevelt – could become a restaurant as it does have a parking lot of its own.” [MC, commenting on What It’s Like to Live on Center St.]

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  • Washington ave is already done. Its peaked, its only down from here. More than you have listed will close and rename. Rare is a grill, Cork is going under, Citizens is district but about done too, lots will try to be restaurants and change hours and die. Most are not built to change easy may be just Reign. They clubs are getting ghetto. Once everyone is talking about an area its done. Richmond strip to downtown to midtown to now Washington right now. Whats next you ask….Almeda (59 to med center)….two bars opening right now and four more planned on the way. Wide streets, lots of empty places to park, a community who wants the crowd and can handle it better than wash or mid town. The two bars that are going in are building out in empty spaces right now but more on the way with some new buildings planned. You will all want to know where I get my info but right down and you will see for your self what I know.

  • I agree, it has peaked. Seems the club/hot spot cycle last 3-5 years before people lose interest and start looking elsewhere. I can remember back in the day when cruising lower Westhiemer was the thing to do and then Richmond became bar central. And …not so long ago, City planners were convinced downtown Houston was going to convert to a “walking city” where people would live/work/shop/dine downtown. But alas, to no avail. Now bar owners will flock to Almeda where the cycle will start again.

  • I have to say I think we might be good this time Houston. The reasons Richmond Strip, Downtown, Midtown, Rice, etc have all died in Houston is b/c of the cost of parking, traffic, then in come the police. Not this time. With the new Washington Wave shuttle buses that have a FREE parking lot, we are helping the area to become the next 6th street, or Bourbon Street, only in the 3rd largest city in the Country. Sure some may die, but most will stay and will be joined by many others ranging from dive bars to 5 Star restaurants. Stay tuned, but Ride The Wave and see what the hype is all about. (713) 863-9283.

    Plus there are enough people in Houston to have a few areas like Washington, Midtown, Galleria, East Downtown, Montrose, etc survive all at once.

  • The entire Washington-Rice Militaty-Crestwood-Memorial Park-Camp Logan area has become the place to live. Great neighborhoods, restaurants, all close to Memorial Park, downtown, I-10, Galleria.

  • The one thing that I think should be noted – Rice Village, while not the “hot” spot right now, has been consistently popular and stable for at least 15 years. That is more than you can say for Richmond, Downtown, Mid-town, and soon, Washington.

  • I know this has been discussed to death, but let’s be honest, while the “scene” in midtown may have died, it by no means has become a bad place to live or hang out. I actually prefer midtown more now that the douche factor has gone down. You’re seeing more stable business pop up and not your flavor of the month clubs and lounges. In my view, the fact that Post Properties is putting the money into fixing up what is a cheaply built property shows that midtown has plenty of life. I can only assume Washington will too once the scene dies out.

  • Only in Houston does a bar scene die out because there is not enough parking. This place has to be the drunk driving capital of the world.

  • Couldn’t agree more CD. Midtown is even better now that the db’s have left the area for Washington. The quality of life is way better, and is now a place to LIVE, work, and play… not just play. I ran away from Washington 2 years ago for Midtown as the scene started to migrate… and am so happy I made that decision.

  • Reports of Washington Avenue’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. This area isn’t going away, it will only mature and stabilize, much like the village. The affluent residential base will assure the higher-end restaurants keep coming … National retailers are already taking notice. The trendy clubs and bars will come and go, but Washington Ave as a district is only beginning. Richmond Ave and Downtown lacked a residential base and as a result, once the club-goers moved on, activity dried up. Midtown, on the other hand, has a residential base and has begun to mature. East Downtown appears to be the next emerging neighborhood for development.

  • I have to agree with Jeff and Lauren. There are so many reasons why the Washington Corridor has staying power, especially compared to other nightclub hot spots of the past. Most certainly, there will be numerous flash in the pan clubs that come and go, but there will plenty of mainstay venues and businesses capable of remaining viable over the long run. I also expect some parking garages to go up as density increases.

  • I have worked along Washington since there were grain elevators at Studemont and you could still buy a plate of grease at the Pig Stand. I agree that Washington will decline as the hot spot for night clubs, but I expect that it will mature.

    The lunchtime crowd is getting bigger and bigger, this will permit other businesses to thrive. The quality of construction along the Washington corridor is definitely improving.

  • I think it’s important to distinguish between a neighborhood peaking and a “scene” peaking. Just because a DJ says an area has peaked doesn’t mean that the neighborhood has peaked. The hundreds (if not thousands) of new residents to 77007 will allow for the continued growth of the area.

  • Houston is not the 3rd largest city in the U.S. Chicago is. Houston is 4th.

  • This is a great quote, Appetitus Rationi Pareat:
    “Only in Houston does a bar scene die out because there is not enough parking. This place has to be the drunk driving capital of the world.”
    Yep. Welcome to the world the car built!