Comment of the Day: Reducing the Use of Plastic on the Trail

COMMENT OF THE DAY: REDUCING THE USE OF PLASTIC ON THE TRAIL “why not have designated pooping grounds along the trails and get rid of the useless trash altogether? just treat your dogs like people and kids, kick them along and make them hold it until they can reach a ‘pooping grounds.’ only those that can’t reach the grounds should have to bag it.” [joel, commenting on The Multicolored Poop Bags of the Heights Hike and Bike Trail]

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  • Do you own a dog? How do you make a dog use a designated area to poop?

  • wouldn’t that be a TOILET?? has someone figured out how to teach a dog to use a toilet?

  • I agree, I’m all for folks having pets, the city needs to set up facilities to make “being a responsible pet owner” activies more convenient.

  • sorry guys, im an idealist when i write comments. i always assume that dogs that aren’t on leashes are generally trained, just get a dog whistle.

  • Honestly, I know several dogs who have been trained to do this, however I suspect this is asking way to much of even average dog owners, let alone the kind of dog owner who leaves plastic bags full of dog poop around. There is no excuse for that.

  • Joel: go get a dog and see if YOU can train it to poo/pee when and where you want. Get your head out of your idealist butt.

  • How about if people just leave their dogs at home so the rest of us can enjoy the parks. I don’t think your dog is cute and I don’t want to pet it.

  • This is the dumbest idea that I’ve heard all week. Seriously…you win the prize.

  • How about if these idiots hold their dog poop bag until they find a trash can. Problem solved.

  • @Patrick……shut up.

  • I can’t wait to let my dog shit all along the bike path on my way to Walmart.
    Spitefully yours, SFP

  • I believe that we should give dogs a break, let’s go after all of those pesky cats that roam free. People “own” cats yet they never restrain them from anything, leashes, pooping, mating, etc… Leash and pick up after the cats, if you don’t I think dogs should break free and chase them all.

  • Patrick, i have trained my dog to poop and pee where i want it to, just anywhere in the studemont park it wants to go. there’s always another dog that comes by and cleans it up for me.

  • When your dog is a puppy, you take him outside on a leash and say “Go potty” or “Poop now” or “Zoning! Zoning!” and then when he does it, you give him a treat. You wind up with a dog who knows that when you say “Zoning! Zoning!” it’s time to do his business.

    These things are a lot easier than people think.

    Not that I think the designated pooping grounds are a good idea.

    And on the cat thing – yeah, if I let my dog crap in your yard, I’m a sociopath, but I find cat shit in my yard regularly (actually, the dog finds it) because somehow if it’s a cat, it’s suddenly not rude, disgusting, and potentially unhealthy.