Comment of the Day: Report From That Neighborhood South of the River Oaks Shopping Center That Nobody Knows What To Call

COMMENT OF THE DAY: REPORT FROM THAT NEIGHBORHOOD SOUTH OF THE RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER THAT NOBODY KNOWS WHAT TO CALL “Who says this is going to be townhouses? This is my neighborhood. While there are certainly plenty of townhouses in the area, the overall trend has moved decidedly toward single family homes. As I type, there are at least a half dozen new single family homes under construction within a few blocks of this site. While this house appears to be quite nice, I’m guessing whatever replaces it will be much nicer. I know it’s standard operating procedure for Swamplotters to hate everything new, but the single family homes (and even the townhouses) being built in this neighborhood are typically quite nice. This demo is more the exception than the rule. Most of what gets torn down around here is garbage.” [Bernard, commenting on Tiny Done-Up Woodhead Cottage Is Townhome Fodder]

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  • I believe that’s considered North Montrose, all the way to Allen Pkwy – never to be referred to as NoMo.

  • I’ve always called this area River Oaks Terrace (cf. Oakbrook Terrace, IL).

  • Don’t tell the people who live in NoMO or River Oaks Terrace that they don’t actually live in River Oaks. They get mad. I call it Montrose, except for when I lived there a few years back. Then I called it River Oaks-but I meant it ironically, of course.

  • As a resident there, I’ve always just said “the west side of Montrose.” I just polled some friends for suggestions, though:
    Montrose Oaks
    River Montrose
    and the most descriptive:
    The not quite so gay area of semi gentrified Montrose.

  • I always thought the official name was Vermont Commons. That’s what appeared on my house’s survey. Lots of my neighbors thought it was Winlow Terrace but I think that’s the area South of Westheimer.

  • We have discussed this before….for those with interest, one of the most useful posts of all time