Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Appreciating the Dead Folks Next Door

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: APPRECIATING THE DEAD FOLKS NEXT DOOR Home by the Graveyard“I used to live next to a cemetery, and it was a great neighbor. They never had any parties. They never left old mattresses by the curb. It never got ‘redeveloped’ into a Cane’s Greasepath. Many people, I suppose myself included, find them to be sylvan and contemplative, beautiful spaces. But I acknowledge that death is probably the #1 source of apprehension for the average person, so a symbol of our own looming mortality may not make the most comforting neighbor for many.” [Semper Fudge, commenting on The Axis Apartments Under Construction on West Dallas and Montrose Are on Fire Now] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I love Glenwood, I walk thru it all the time to see my dad and grandparents, it’s a beautiful, peaceful place. I think it’s the prettiest spot in Houston, frankly. The trees are beautiful and the view of the skyline amazing. I always walk by Howard Hughes gravesite, it’s a cool design.

  • In NYC residences are located practically in the cemeteries, and grave spacing is nonexistent. As the city grows and millions of people die year after year, there is only so much land available for graves and housing. Eventually, the two collide. Houston will realize this one day, unless cremation continues to rise in popularity.

  • @Shannon I thought HH grave was unmarked. My sister in Glenwood. Beautiful place.

  • Thanks for choo-choo-choosing me. (yes, I like Simpsons references too much).

  • HH grave is clearly marked—

  • Or the new Lovett Homes townhouses in the 3604-3614 W. Clay,77019. Built adjacent to the College PArk Cemetery that faces .P.S. Be careful of buying any new construction in Houston: 99.9% of it is crappy future slums!!!