Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Dropping in on Houston in 1957

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: DROPPING IN ON HOUSTON IN 1957 “Here’s a film from 1957 I have uploaded to YouTube. Briefly it shows what a trip to Houston is about: Arrive at the airport, stay at the Shamrock, visit the oil industry, leave. That’s certainly what my family did in the ’50s – although we did visit the Zoo!” [Michael Bludworth, commenting on Comment of the Day: Houston Is Not a Destination]

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  • Can’t help imagining the booming male narrator’s voice of high school social studies films: “Airplanes provide an essential element to modern transportation needs. Journeys that once took days are now accomplished in only hours. Stewards provide passengers all the refreshments they require, at a height of 30,000 feet…”

  • “Yes sir, Houston is a city of modernity, a city on the move. (pause for a drag on a cigarette) From the time you arrive at the handsome new air terminal equipped for a new era in transportation, to your check-in at the completely air-conditioned Shamrock, the crown jewel of the southwest, you’ll find that can-do spirit everywhere you look. Cruise along the city’s extensive network of freeways, and, what’s that? (cigarette) It’s the infrastructure that provides powers not only your vehicle, but the nation – the largest concentration of chemical production and oil refining anywhere. The heartbeat of the beacon of democracy. And it’s all in Houston, a city on the go. Houston: the city of tomorrow. (cigarette)

    (Stock production music swells to a triumphant closing fanfare, helicopter shot on the Houston skyline, and scene).

  • I can’t get the sound to work.