Comment of the Day Runner-Up: From the Inner Loop Real Estate Lexicon

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: FROM THE INNER LOOP REAL ESTATE LEXICON “Remember, ‘Craftsman style’ doesn’t refer to what a structure is going to look like. It’s a magical incantation that developers recite to make Heights residents feel calm.” [John (another one), commenting on Assisting the Living in the Heights]

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  • I thought “mixed-use” in Houston meant cell phone store, nail salon AND title loan company.

  • “This townhouse has more of a contemporary, mid-century Craftsman meets French Provincial meets shabby chic kind of cash-flow-positive look, don’t you think?” /realtor-ese

  • Whoops. Posted under the wrong comment.

  • You guys just wait till my McCraftsMansion is finished, it will be super sweet.

  • I think its very doubtful that the building will really look like this. It’s way too big to fit on that lot. This rendering was probably done before they even knew where it was going to go. I expect it to be merely representative of what’s actually going up in the spot.

    And for the record, I don’t miss seeing the drug deals occur in and out of the overflow parking lot. There’s one kid on a BMX bike that I would see conducting business in that lot. I hope they sell that property to a couple of residential developers who build a couple three story “bungalows” on the lot. They will help block my view of that retirement facility.