Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Looking for a Multi-Dome

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: LOOKING FOR A MULTI-DOME “I also remember how impressive it was to see the bare-steel framework during construction. So, the ‘strip it down to structural elements’ idea does resonate with me. In any case, most of the non-demolition proposals I’ve read about are for a single use facility of one kind or another. In contrast, I think our best hope for success is to remake it into a facility that serves different aspects of the public that have different interests. The dome’s footprint is big enough to accommodate a variety of multiple uses. I’ve tossed about ideas for some possibilities for different parts: hotel, golf driving range and/or putting greens, artificial ponds for fishing, tropical gardens (this might require the roof + AC), additional meeting-room and display space for conventions. These are just some thoughts, all of which have worked elsewhere, but may or may not work here. My main point is that we should be considering multiple uses, not just one that could sink the entire project’s success.” [Guido, commenting on Astrodome Stripped Bare by the Architects, Even]

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  • I bet I know what kind of commercial enterprise could thrive in this space—the world’s largest covered urban outlet mall. Then you wouldn’t have to drive all 40 miles out of town to get your name-brand threads for half off.

  • I just can’t see any of this working. The idea of making it into a giant gazebo-type thing with a park inside is intriguing to me. But all of it is just a desperate attempt to save the Dome, and none of these ideas seem to really address an overriding need the city has. We’ve got a lot of parks; if the Centerpoint easements get approved for greenbelts, we’ll have more than most any other city already. A driving range? A hotel? Convention space? If the Dome never existed, would any of these ideas ever be proposed for that space right next door to Reliant? Do they attempt to meet a real need or demand, or are they just trying like heck to save something that’s not really worth saving?

  • @Anse, granted repurposing the dome is a tall order without too many obvious answers. But to say that the dome’s only worth to Houston is determined solely by revenue seems shortsighted. A common perspective, but shortsighted. It has plenty of cultural value that stands to be amplified by re-purposing. Then again, Houston has never been big on culture, especially if if they have to pay for it.

  • I am one who normally supports any attempt to save an historic structure. And I do understand the importance of the Dome in this city’s history. But it’s a giant, oddly-shaped building, a mere stone’s throw from Reliant. I wish they hadn’t built the new stadium RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Dome. It’s the weirdest idea: acres upon acres of asphalt surrounding Reliant and…what? A mall? I can’t see any way to compare this to other examples of preservation. I don’t see how you get around tearing the thing down.

  • It certainly has challenges, but the acres and acres of parking actually seem pretty well suited for a mall. But I guess we’ll all find out shortly after June 10, right?

  • I think that Houston is an amazing city that is finding her own way. It’s the fastest growing major city ina america with a ne focus on Downtown Developement, Positive Population growth, several major developments coming as well as attaractions . I jsut thisnk for us to tear down The 8Th Wonder of the World with some much positive notoriety would be sad and unfortunate.

  • 360 Degree Top Golf Driving Range. Or we could buy ads on al jazeera promoting the 8th Wonder of the World in Houston and maybe even say Prez Bush lives there. Then we might get it ‘knocked down’ for free.

  • Arghhh! If the dome is such a “waste” to some of the naysayers, why does the City Building Permit office have a HUGE blow up of one of the floor plans behind their payment window?

    Ohh… that’s right, it IS culturally significant to our city history and image. At least the Permit Office thinks so.

    I wonder if I could get a copy from the HMRC? It might be the only “relic” I can afford.

  • Tear down part of it. Turn the rest into an outdoor amphitheater. More parking/rodeo gets another venue to exploit/no need to go travel all the way up to the woodlands for a decent concert.