Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Trust, but Verify

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: TRUST, BUT VERIFY My home didn’t flood, though a few blocks away, others did. I wonder if we could get a ‘Certificate of Nonflooding’ or some such official thing. I always laugh when I see a home listing with the words ‘Never flooded, per owner.’ Yeah, right!” [Gisgo, commenting on Metro Back in Service; Public Health Threats; A 12-Step Program for Houston’s Flooding Problem] Illustration: Lulu

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  • …and all the future cars for sale that ‘never flooded!’

  • Google Earth has a permanent reminder now of which homes flooded.

  • Some houses have made it out of the storms the last 2-3 years without flooding. Here in the East End, which received 33″-35″ of rain and where many houses sit up higher on pier and beam, we have been very lucky. So regardless of your disbelief, there are valid listings of houses that “did not flood”. But flooded or not, I do believe the metro area as a whole, is very vulnerable to flooding.

  • when people go to independence heights they will see that the newer and older homes built up didn’t flood and the ones that did are very old homes that weren’t built like ours that didn’t flood and the owners of those homes can sell their house for lot value or raise the house up just like our homes in the area.i knew my house wasn’t gonna flood since two years ago we had the tax day that didn’t flood are like gold and stocks and many people want them,i read a story about a home seller is adding $82k to the price of the house their selling because it didn’t flood.they only way im selling my home is if they give me an offer i can’t refuse because where am i gonna go when almost 140k homes have been damaged and that number is growing and why would i want to live in memorial,bellarie west u,meyerland,west houston and the burbs when water was at the homeowners chest and some areas water was up to the roof.we all know the affluent want the areas close to downtown that didn’t have major issues even more and the homes are gonna skyrocket in value.

  • @Mr.Clean19 Not really, the flood waters in most areas retreated fairly quickly. The satellite photos are not taken daily. Are you referring to the NOAA overhead plane photos: Those did not capture all flooded areas. My neighborhood was flooded but by 8/31, when the 1st photos were taken, all the flood waters had already retreated from the streets and everything looks dry. There are debris piles in front of some houses, however, which would provide some indication.

  • Don’t know why but this reminds me of a listing I saw for a used iPhone: “Phone is like new. Immulicate condition, other than a cracked screen”
    I LOL’d for real when I saw that.

  • *Immaculate (what’s up swamplot login for comments so you can edit :)