Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Unjinxing a Tough Restaurant Spot

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: UNJINXING A TOUGH RESTAURANT SPOT “We had a building in my hometown that housed several restaurants that all went belly up within a couple of years. A few of them were pretty good, too. Then the Los Cucos chain came in, invited a priest to pray over the joint and sprinkle some holy water on it, and then — according to gossip — they brought in an curandera to do some kind of magic on the place, and now it’s been open and busy for a good ten years and counting. I’m not saying I believe in all that stuff, but . . . does it hurt to cover all the bases? The landlord should at least do whatever the Flying Saucer is doing to stay in business.” [Anse, commenting on Downtown Burger Guys Closes Down]