Comment of the Day Runner-Up: What To Expect from the Deck of the Second Convention Center Hotel

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE DECK OF THE SECOND CONVENTION CENTER HOTEL “I am dumbstruck at the sheer genius (or is it audacity?) of a Texas-shaped lazy river. The turns around El Paso and Brownsville might be a little hazardous, but that’s a great analogy of the current state of affairs along the Rio. I’d also expect to encounter armed poachers along the Sabine, and flag-waving tea partiers along the Red, but I’m still pretty sure that by downing 3 beers from a floating cooler, I could not only survive, but conquer that bitch. The hardest part would be commemorating the accomplishment with (another) barbed wire arm tattoo and slapping one more bumper sticker on my pickup about guns, secession or liberals (pick one).” [Superdave, commenting on New Convention Center Hotel Seems a Done Deal] Rendering of proposed Marriott Marquis amenity deck: Morris Architects

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  • Was that an attempt at humor?

  • I would say it was a good attempt!

  • Which river(s) is(are) going to flow backwards to make this thing run in a circle? Will there be little oil platforms out in the Gulf? Can we get a smoking section near the Port of Houston to commemorate all the ships that are allowed to burn the filthiest grade of fuel known to man and spew the by products into the air for eastsiders to breathe?

  •’s a cool pool none the less, here’s hoping it gets built to plan..sans Rednecks and illegal aliens of course

  • Let’s ice down some Lone Star and Get ‘er Done!

  • I would think that from El Paso, on the Grande, around Big Bend and on to the Gulf would be the most fun part.

    Red River round to the Sabine, not so much.

    If they get this done, I’ll pay the cost of a room just to experience the river.

  • And a carpet of beer cans along the bottom for an authentic experience.