Comment of the Day Runner-Up: When Randall’s Was Swank

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: WHEN RANDALL’S WAS SWANK “It sounds crazy nowadays but I remember back in the ′80s when this store opened up and they had valet parking under their porte cochere with valets wearing tuxedoes. We were very impressed by the little restaurant inside, too. It was so ritzy! Sad to see the prosperity all gone now.” [AW, commenting on Yes, the Voss Rd. Randall’s Is Closing]

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  • I’m old enough to remember Jamail’s on Kirby, near Westheimer (I think). Used to see servants in livery sent from River Oaks to buy things like caviar. Where in Houston does one shop for caviar these days?

  • Phoenicia’s Downtown Market typically has a few varieties to choose from. Although I think most of the One Park Place residents are coming downstairs to buy it themselves, or at least disguising the help.

  • Chef – It must be sad to be so poor you don’t know where to find the good caviar in Houston. I am not sharing my secret spot.

  • I get all my cav from spec’s! and my booze.

  • Ah Jamails. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have servants do my shopping but I do remember shopping at Jamails. You would ask for 2 pears and they would pick them for you. Unload a basket yourself, not allowed. Carry out your groceries, no way. They knew who I was and put it on my charge account and sent a bill monthly. It made Randall’s Flagship seem downright middle class.