Comment of the Day Second Runner-Up: Houston’s Big Boundary Advantage

COMMENT OF THE DAY SECOND RUNNER-UP: HOUSTON’S BIG BOUNDARY ADVANTAGE “. . . One of the reasons that Houston manages to buck trends affecting other central cities is that Houston is orders of magnitude larger than many central cities. Within its incorporated city limits, Houston could contain all of Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, and then have room enough left over for Santa Barbara. That means that Houston contains its first-ring suburbs, most of its second-ring, and even some some third-ring; and then it also does this funky “limited-purpose annexation” scheme in the northwest suburbs and has a special non-annexation deal with The Woodlands to keep those areas as an unincorporated buffer zone from which they are still somewhat able to tap commercial property tax revenues from those areas. And as demographic pressures push and pull people across different regions, Houston has to adapt to all of those trends simultaneously, but it also has a diversified-enough tax base to be able to do so — you know, presuming that its elected officials never do anything especially stupid like capping revenues and also underfunding pensions for decades.” [TheNiche, commenting on North Houston Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens; Qui Now Taking Reservations; Ending the ‘Dry Heights’] Illustration: Lulu

One Comment

  • I LOVE how Houston annexes nothing but commercial properties now so it can grab all the money without having to provide any services to stupid residents.

    The city accuses people who don’t want to be annexed as “freeloading” because they drive into town for jobs. But that is total bullshit because TxDot pays for the freeways and the city gets to tax the skyscrapers people work in. Are these people freeloading on the jacked up side streets? Please.

    It’s called a budget. Learn to live within one without annexing every commercial property from here to Colombus.

    Given how arrogant the city is, it’s poetic justice that Governor Abbot won’t even schedule a meeting with our mayor. Good for Abbot. Turner is running this city into the ground.