Comment of the Day: Secrets of the MetroNational Death Star — Revealed!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SECRETS OF THE METRONATIONAL DEATH STAR — REVEALED! “Could this be an air traffic control tower for getting the Chemtrail plane patterns accurately placed in skies… for desired weather pattern chemical fallouts… aluminum oxide, barium oxide and ethylene dibromide… very harmful to us. No one is allowed to go to these top five floors all owned by MetroNational Bank (who own the whole building plus more). The rest of the floors 28 and under are doctors offices and hospital. I thought that was a bit odd. It just looks so much like an air traffic control tower… but with no airport near-by… then one must ask…”what in the air.. are they controlling… if not planes landing?” Possibly Chemtrials floating? I invite any comments. Please research Chemtrails first. I am not a conspiracy theory person nor do I believe in UFO’s, ghosts, or [Morgellons] disease.” [CLD, commenting on There Will Be No Tours of the Death Star, and Other Details About the Hospital in the Belly of the Memorial Hermann Tower] Photo: Tony Sava

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  • This picture reminds of the movie, “Big”, where Tom Hanks asks in a whiney voice, “It turns from a building to a robot, right? Well, what’s fun about that?” Nothing, if it’s a KILLER robot!

  • I’ve always wondered what that was. It is so neat looking also.

  • somebody should revoke the license of these architects!

  • That sounds like as good an excuse for bad design as any.

    Architect: I didn’t want to make it so ugly, but the nefarious, Illuminati-style, transnational organization that owns the building demanded that it look like that.

  • True, the architects desinged it to look a lot better than it’s built form. Metro cut back and the main design element got ruined, bc of it. This building bothers me every time I drive past it.

  • It wouldn’t be quite so bad except for the fact that the top part is off center unless you are looking straight at it. Since I (and probably most people) only see it from an angle while driving on I-10, I have to resist the overwhelming urge to ‘nudge’ it back onto the center of the building.

    Also, it reminds me of an enormous dashboard air freshener.

  • it’s just plain ugly and the developer is more concerned about the bottom line then design. welcome to houston!

  • Stupid and trendy design but the little toy ambulances are cool.

  • My sisters and I call it the blue pineapple.

  • It’s a UFO control tower. When the Greys fly in from another galaxy, they know to turn east at the tower so they can get to my house and abduct me for medical experiments again.

  • it’s probably just a big meth lab

  • I call it the carmen miranda building.

  • It, the new FBI building, and that elevator shaft-looking residential high rise on Sage at Richmond are my favorite horrible buildings.

  • I can only imagine the “crown” of that building blowing off and rolling through the streets during some hurricane, leaving death and destruction in its wake. That would be a bummer for everyone except the hospital, because hey: more business!

  • “From scm:

    It wouldn’t be quite so bad except for the fact that the top part is off center unless you are looking straight at it. Since I (and probably most people) only see it from an angle while driving on I-10, I have to resist the overwhelming urge to ‘nudge’ it back onto the center of the building. ”

    You are totally right. If you are driving south on Gessner, it actually doesn’t look so bad–it looks integrated with the rest of the building. But from any other angle, it looks simultaneously off-center and unintegrated with the building beneath it.

    But for all its design faults, the biggest problem with it is that MetroNational skimped so much on constructing it that it can only emit chemtrails with 19% efficiency! That’s barely enough to turn people within a 500 yard radius into zombies–when it was planned to be able to turn everyone between the Loop and Katy into a willing slave of the New World Order. For screwing up that bad, I bet Ray Johnson is going to get royally punished–in Gitmo!

  • Ha!

    Every time I look at it, I think “Wow, so that’s why MRI’s cost so damn much.”

  • I reside less than 1/2 mile directly south of this abomination and I am greeted by the sight of this structure whenever I leave my home. I am convinced that I am being punished for something I might have done earlier in my life, but I just can’t figure out what I did that was bad enough to warrant the indignity of being subjected to this cruel visual on a daily basis.

  • The top five floors are a vault where the hospital keeps all the money they bilk from you.

  • This building, as ugly as it is, has nothing on the hideous Federal Reserve Building on Allen Parkway, which was designed by a highly regarded architect, Michael Graves.

  • The Graves building is cartoonish, but this one is worse. However, the condo at Richmond and Sage takes the cake as the worst building in the city. Like Bill says above, it looks like they built an elevator core and forgot to wrap a building around it.

  • The original plans for the Sage condo building had a matching tower backing up to the existing building. I guess the first building was such a disaster that they didn’t build the second one.

  • You mean they had plans????

  • It’s my favorite Deceptacon building.

  • I wonder what architectural wonder they were trying to mimic. I was in Austin, Texas 2 weekends ago with family from out of town and they commented on the Frost Bank Blding ( known as The Batman Building) designed by HKS, Inc Duda Paine Architects and how unusual, but attractive it was. The metro national Blue Deathstar doesn’t even come close. The blue light pollution invades my backyard from dusk until dawn and I’m shocked that a community impact assessment wasn’t initiated prior to construction! I feel it will definitely negatively impact the sale of our home.