Comment of the Day: Shhhhh! Montrose Is Cheaper Next to the Clubs

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SHHHHH! MONTROSE IS CHEAPER NEXT TO THE CLUBS “Economics? You get the benefits of the Montrose in general at a pretty big discount relative to a few blocks in almost any direction. For us the annoyances just aren’t that big a deal. (Obviously they are for lots of people…thus the discount.)” [jt, commenting on Swamplot Street Sleuths: The Dunlavy Dangle]

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  • I loved that big discount when I lived at Hopkins and Pacific in the ’80s/early ’90s. Nothing like a classic one-bedroom with french doors, 11-ft ceilings, hardwoods, glass front cabinets and a footed tub renting for $245 a month.

    And the “annoyances” outside my kitchen window were fun.

  • Funny enough, some of these annoyances turned into a shooting last night (read KHOU or Click2Houston). A club goer in Montrose got his car towed by a homeowner who’s driveway he blocked and as revenge tried to break into the house. Needless to say he got shot by the home owner. I like shooting people just like the next guy but this is just an inconvenience.

  • A sack of sugar in the gas tank beats a tow, they will get out of your driveway before their car dies. Sad commentary on our society as a tow is hardly worth an attempted burglary or vandalism. A a morning full of regret for all parties involved for sure.

  • I would still put up with all that for the experiences I had…

    Guy wearing nothing but cowboy boots, a thong and leather chaps…$50 an hour.

    Look on Dad’s face when leaving his daughter’s apartment and running into said guy on the street…priceless!

  • Heights Weirdo, you’re bringing back memories of the Saturday night view out the window of El Paradaiso: a steady stream of leather boys in and out of the Ripcord across the street. Nothing enhances an enchilada dinner like a parade of guys wearing naught but chaps, a cowboy hat and a leather jockstrap.

  • I saw one of those guys once doing the Walk of Shame on a Saturday morning on West Drew when I went out to get the paper.