Comment of the Day: Signs of Some Munching Going on in Mangum Manor

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SIGNS OF SOME MUNCHING GOING ON IN MANGUM MANOR Cow Grazing on Subdivision“I live in Mangum Manor and there have been at least 4 teardowns in the past few months. Our neighborhood is actually enveloped by Oak Forest. I’m hoping the trend continues. It’s a great little neighborhood.” [Native_Houstonian, commenting on Under the Painted Rafters of a Mildly Mangled Mangum Manor Midcentury Mod] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I’m a past owner and resident of a home in Mangum Manor. Great neighborhood, but if this is the Comment of the Day, it must have been a slow day.

  • I drove thru MM recently– seems like a great location for the price. Definitely on my list for house hunting

  • Either I don’t get the point of Comment of the Day or others don’t get it.

    This one makes perfect sense to me.