Comment of the Day: Some Advice for When the Train Isn’t Moving and You Need To Cross the Tracks for Something Super Important

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SOME ADVICE FOR WHEN THE TRAIN ISN’T MOVING AND YOU NEED TO CROSS THE TRACKS FOR SOMETHING SUPER IMPORTANT “Some ‘stalled’ train advice: 1. Never crawl under. Always climb over the coupling. 2. NEVER CLIMB OVER THE COUPLING! I was with my bike team waiting for a stopped train in this part of town. Beer was on the other side of the train, so after some time some of the cyclists started discussing crawling under or climbing over. I said not to do it, that it was too dangerous. I was assured that when the train started it would do so ever so slowly and gently. One of the cyclists started to get between the boxcars to climb over the coupling (see #1) when the train VIOLENTLY LURCHED into motion and scared the crap out of everyone. It turns out the train starts very slowly near the front, but very quickly near the end.” [Memebag, commenting on Where Lyons Ave. Will Go Down, West St. Won’t Go North, and Fifth Ward Trains Will Continue Through] Photo: Ruben Serrano, via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Good first hand advice. Never screw with a train, moving or not. The mass ratio of a freight train and your car is about the same as the ratio of your car and an empty beer can, with approximately the same result when the heavy one hits the light one.

  • Wow, two degrees of separation between me and comment of the day. I am honored LOL

  • Search YouTube for “slack action” – all you need to know.