Comment of the Day: Staging Is for Wusses

COMMENT OF THE DAY: STAGING IS FOR WUSSES “yeah, we are fun people to know. this was my mom’s amazing project, so much fun to see it take shape. if you’d seen it BEFORE the makeover, THAT was tacky. what do you expect us to do, waste money redoing the whole house just to sell it? i’ve lived there my whole life, love it to death. cream colors? BORING!” [prudoodle, commenting on Magenta Is the New Fuschia: A River Oaks Home That Glows Inside]

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  • Good on you, Prudoodle!
    Be Fun Forever.

  • Count me as a fan. Your home looks like it actually belongs to someone.

  • You are welcome at my home any day!

  • I think it’s cool.

    The “outrageous” colors work and meld nicely.

  • Sorry, and welcome, Prudoodle. We sometimes get a bit snarky here on swamplot. And sometimes an owner, designer, or architect shows up and catches us. I would make a few different choices but I admire the boldness and color.

  • Sorry too, I didn’t mean for my comment to come across as negative as it did, I just meant it has “Alice in Wonderland” qualities and is very different from most homes featured here. I agree on fun.

    FYI: My house would get the same type of comments, though more in the line of “what the heck is up with all skulls? Really? And red, orange and green? Together? WTH!”

  • Oh…and my husband and I have already got contingency plans to paint all the walls neutrals when we decide to sell. Buyers just don’t dig “creative” colors like ours and it brings down the selling price and lengthens time on the market. Know from past experience. Painting now is cheaper than cutting thousands off your asking price and waiting more than six months to sell. Unfortunately most buyers think like most swamplot posters.

  • it is understandable why people would want neutral colors though. moving into a home is a huge price shock and it can take a while until people save enough to throw down for all the interiors as they choose. i would certainly prefer to live with neutral colors until the time comes to change rather than someone else’s preferred color of choice.

    it’s not necessarily a lack of creative thinking in buyers, but often a choice of practicality.

  • Joel those are excellent points.

  • Ditto Joel.

  • Stop being whimps and stick up for your opinions. This house is WHACK. Ain’t nothing wrong with WHACK but it is what it is…