Comment of the Day: Still Stranded

COMMENT OF THE DAY: STILL STRANDED “My first thought is that raising a home might protect the physical property, but it doesn’t remove it from the path of floodwaters. A flooding event could still strand a family, potentially putting them in a life-threatening situation from which others would have to rescue them. Tax roll aside, is this the right thing to do?” [Nice Neighbor, commenting on Comment of the Day: Why It Pays To Raise Those Flooded Meyerland Homes] Photo: Christine Gerbode

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  • Compared to the price of raising the house, also adding a spare rowboat in the garage is very very cheap.

  • 1000’s of families were “stranded” during Harvey. It’s called a natural disaster.

    Doesn’t matter if your home is high and dry if the streets are flooded.

  • Considering that the streets are designed to flood in just about anything larger than a 2-year design storm, that’s a pretty high standard you are asking for.

  • Yeah, and what about your cars?

    I see these raised homes going up around Braeswood, always wonder how much damage they will (still) experience in case of high water. Two cars, your lawn mower, etc, etc.