Comment of the Day: Super Bowl Hosting Just Kicks Off the Long Game

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SUPER BOWL HOSTING JUST KICKS OFF THE LONG GAME October 2016 look around Discovery Green and George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas,  Downtown, Houston, 77010“Conventions. That is the (hoped for, at least) lasting effect of a Super Bowl. People who organize and bring these events to a city don’t care about the game, they don’t care about the players, the fans, any of that. They care about the large corporations that will attend the Super Bowl, for whatever reasons. . . . Just look at all the flurry of activity in Houston leading up to [it]: it hasn’t been on updating the areas around the stadium, it has barely been on updating the stadium. (They put in new wifi and updated some seats?) Where millions (and not even hundreds of millions) have been spent on the stadium, billions have been spent updating the convention area. A new facade on the convention center, a new world class hotel, dozens of restaurants in the convention district — this was done in a huge push to show that Houston is capable of hosting any event.” [toasty, commenting on Rebranding the Greenspoint District; Texas’s $25M Super Bowl Assist] Photo of updated George R. Brown Convention Center: Bob Russell

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