Comment of the Day: Surf’s Up, Just Outside the Grand Pkwy.

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SURF’S UP, JUST OUTSIDE THE GRAND PKWY. “I was cycling out beyond Katy a few months ago and found this neighborhood called Katy Lakes. Several artificial lakes in the middle of nowhere. People put their boats on the water, etc. and I thought, you could barely drive your boat 1/2 mile before you were done. I guess it’s a great use of retention land, but it still struck me as odd.” [Purdueenginerd, commenting on Man-Made Lagoon Experts’ Second Houston Swimming Hole: 12-Acres Big, 10-Ft. Deep] Photo showing under-construction August Lakes subdivision and existing Lakes of Katy subdivision behind it: August Lakes

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  • Usually motorized boats aren’t allowed on these ‘lakes’ – just kayaks, canoes…
    No swimming either.
    The water amenity is mostly for looks.

  • Actually, the lakes appear to be designed as a series of waterskier’s runs. The street names are a giveaway.

    A preferred minimum slalom run is about 2,000 feet and a Google map measure shows about that length. Note the ski jump on the Southeast corner.

  • Nothing says ‘suburbia’ quite like a fake lake.

  • @Thomas Vallee — as mentioned in the comments on the linked Man-Made article …