Comment of the Day: That Was My Home Too

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT WAS MY HOME TOO “The pool was designed in the shape of our scotch terrier head. We moved in shortly after my father,Sam Maceo died. My brother, Sam, my sister Sedgie, my mother and I moved to New Orleans in 1954, when my mother remarried. The house looks great. The wall coverings have changed, but much is still the same. Years ago my mother told me that the building cost in 1951 was aprox. $500,000. I don’t know if that is accurate, but what woud that be in today’s dollars?” [Edward Maceo Plitt, commenting on The Balinese Room After-Party Pad: A Little Palm Springs in Galveston]

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  • It is a fabulous home but it’s not THAT fabulous. Maybe your mother meant $50,000 which in 1951 was still a lot of money.

    Similar homes scattered around Los Angeles were probably selling for $50,000 in 1951. And that’s with a little extra for the builder.

    Maybe the extra $450,000 was for hidden rooms behind the closet walls and basement hideaways with secret trapdoors and if so, well, let’s all go on a treasure hunt!

    Did your mother keep the keys by chance?

  • 500K in 1951 was worth 4.2 million dollars today: