Comment of the Day: That Will Kill This

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT WILL KILL THIS “We are excitedly discussing the replacement of bookstores with clothing stores (no matter how generic the former or how euro-cool the latter) . . . I’ve been rooting for an H&M in Houston for years, but I never thought it would be moving in to the empty shells of half the city’s booksellers. This is sad.” [Ares, commenting on H&M in Houston: All in the Malls]

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  • “You have said it,” replied Claude, who seemed absorbed in a profound meditation, and stood resting, his forefinger bent backward on the folio which had come from the famous press of Nuremberg. Then he added these mysterious words: “Alas! alas! small things come at the end of great things; a tooth triumphs over a mass. The Nile rat kills the crocodile, the swordfish kills the whale, the book will kill the edifice.”

  • Gus-

    Just wanted to let you know at least one of your readers got the reference.

    (I can also post the world’s best Victor Hugo joke, if you are interested)