Comment of the Day: That’s My House You’re Guessing About

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT’S MY HOUSE YOU’RE GUESSING ABOUT “What a hoot! CiCi and I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments. Especially about the “fuddy duddy” furniture and balding grandpa. We chose this house because it was so original. It’s our style and had not been monkeyed with too much over the years. Right now, we’re upgrading to a tankless hot water heater and have pulled the rear cover down. Like most good projects, there is always something to do. Jessica1 did well. CiCi is with Greenwood King and I do marketing/branding for Green Bank. We’ve got two daughters (5 and 3) and probably outgrew the house . . . three years ago. Even with the size/rr/bath/power lines/garage issues, we’ve hung in there as the house is comfortable, the neighborhood is the best and location is perfect. Stop by and check it out Saturday between 2 to 4 if you like. I’ll be puttering about and would love to meet some great storytellers.” [Mike Barone, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Other Side of the Tracks]

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  • I have to ask if you outgrew the one bathroom? Amazing how times have changed. In the 50s and early 60s most homes in many of these “middle class” neighborhoods that have become more “upper class” neighborhoods today only had one bath – some builders managed to put in a little half bath in the master bedroom and in some they even put in a little shower. A little shower. I suspect they took out a little closet to put in the little shower. Most probably would have preferred the extra closet. Most of the closets weren’t exactly walk-ins.

    I guess Ozzie and Harriet only had one bathroom. Today they would probably have 1.5 bathrooms for every bedroom. Or maybe even 2. And of course walk-ins. Lots of walk-ins. Some even in the bathrooms. Nothing like a walk-in linen closet.

    Lynn Park by the way is a wonderful neighborhood. Even with one bathroom.

  • It’s been ok! You are right–it was typical in decades past. We have an older friend, who grew up in a house like ours with 5 kids and 1 bathroom. That was the way it was and they learned how to share.

    That said, Mike is up against 3 girls. He admits that he’s looking forward to having his own bathroom when we move! We’ve considered adding a room behind the kitchen and it would be easy to put another bathroom in there.
    In the 7 years we’ve been here, it has really been a non-issue.

  • Thanks for being a good sport Mike. Your house is charming.

  • Nice antique electronics.