Comment of the Day: That’s What the Surf Sounds Like in Houston

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT’S WHAT THE SURF SOUNDS LIKE IN HOUSTON “. . . I almost bought a home in Woodside (610) but skipped it due to the noise though. I told my wife if you try you could pretend it’s the ocean. It actually sounds JUST like the Gulf does about 12 blocks back in Jamaica Beach in Galveston.” [Craig, commenting on The Sound of the 290 Expansion]

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  • I live down Hazard from the SW Fwy and in the early morning the traffic sounds just like the Missouri River, yes rivers make noise, good ones. Just learn to listen.

    Plus, from my house on Padre, the surf sounds just like the SW Fwy, only BETTER.

  • My neighbor’s gas leaf blower just always sounds like a leaf blower, though.