Comment of the Day: The Apple Hour of Power

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE APPLE HOUR OF POWER “Believe it or not. Just a few weeks ago I posted a mail to Tim Cook, no reply till now :), in which I suggested to buy the Crystal Cathedral Campus in Garden Grove. I have been there on several occasions (although I am a dutch citizen so it is not around the corner). It would be an excellent Apple campus where people can meet Apple and each other and where we all can build a platform where contemporary speakers like Deepak Chopra, Lynne McTaggart and many others who can tell us new things that can make this world a better place can be invited to share their knowledge. Can you imagine streaming to or downloading by the devices like the iPad, Apple TV iPhones and Macs in every corner of this planet? In that way preserving the heritage of that beautiful place and at the same time give it a destination that will appeal tot the entire world (community). Now it will be sold to a catholic church, in my opinion a loss of possibilities.” [Hans Noordsij, commenting on Comment of the Day: Apple’s Crystal Cathedral]

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  • Ridiculous.

    While they’re at it, maybe Apple can just buy the Vatican and turn the whole thing into a real religion.

  • My spousal unit is a bit of a Mac enthusiast. As in we own pretty much every Mac product that could possibly fit (or in the case of my spouse) or complete our lives. With thst, neither of us can tell whether this post was meant in jest. In fact, when I read it aloud this morning, my spouse laughed and then suddemly got quiet– the thought is catching on.

  • This is why people think Mac people are douche-canoes.

  • In my house right now: MacBook Pro (mine), MacBook (wife’s), an iPad, and iPad2, two iPhone 4Ss, an Apple TV 2, and an iPod Touch under the tree waiting for my daughter to open on Christmas morning.

    Not only did I drink the Kool Aid, I apparently too a bath in it.

    But I still refer to folks like Mr. Noordsij as “Macintologists”.