Comment of the Day: The Better Lake

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE BETTER LAKE “Wrong lake? Would you prefer rush hour on Lake Conroe? Shoulder to shoulder and all the noise? The area of Lake Livingston is 129.7 sq miles compared to Lake Conroe of 32.81 sq miles. Four times as large. Lake Livingston is fed from the Trinity River which flows from North of Dallas (almost Red River / Oklahoma line) while Lake Conroe is fed from the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. This matters greatly if it doesn’t rain or if Houston is too thirsty. Avg depth in Lake Livingston is 55 feet compared to 20.5 feet for Lake Conroe. In short Lake Livingston is far less congested, four times as large, much more stable water level, and much deeper. You choose but I chose Lake Livingston and love every minute of it and don’t forget the ability to head up the Trinity River a long long ways for other large bodies of water and calm surfaces for wake boarding and water skiing.” [Scharpe, commenting on A Newish Lakeside Estate in Coldspring Looks Back] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Long Live Lake Livingston

  • This makes me want to take off early and go fishing.

  • One of the best lakes in TX

  • Exactly. If the point of being out by (or on) the lake is to relax, why choose a crowded place over a much quieter lake?

    Ever been on Lake Conroe on a holiday weekend? It’s a zoo.

  • That brown lake conroe water is ugly.

  • Much of Lake Conroe is bulkheaded, with the result that the wakes get bounced back rather than absorbed, resulting in pretty choppy water pretty early in the day. Not ideal.

  • 15 may get you 20. But, that’s alright.

  • Lake living doesn’t appeal to me – I get nervous being hemmed in on one side by water (kind of the opposite of feeling land-locked). Plus, it’s the same view day in and day out. I’d rather rent a lake house on a different lake once a year than own one.

    But to each their own…

  • Give me that good old country air, on about 350 acres,six counties west.

    But as to lakes, we have some friends on Lake Livingston and it’s beautiful. Not my taste but a very nice place to visit. Quiet and peaceful. I’ve never been there during a storm but I’d think even that might be nice as long as there was no *real* threat.

  • @Dave, in the olden days, 15 might have gotten you 20, but nowadays, it gets you on a Permanent List.

  • SuperDave,
    I would disagree with you about the view being the same day in and day out. It is actually (at least to me) like a living piece of artwork. The water could be like glass or pickup with some waves. All types of birds fly in and out. Right now the leaves are all turning colors and dropping. Fish jumping out of the water and we even have River Otters that come around yearly. The sunlight, clouds, and moonlight are always changing casting different colors.
    As far as being hemmed in I could agree with you if you were on an island but with three sides being land and one water when you are lakefront your really not all that hemmed in unless you own a whole peninsula or island of course!!!
    All the best,