Comment of the Day: The EaDo Virus

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE EADO VIRUS “For goodness sake, when are people going to stop referring to random areas within the East End as EaDo! EaDo’s northern most tip is on Commerce. The KBR site is pretty far removed from EaDo’s borders! And realtors, please stop coming up with new names. I recently saw a listing near EaDo, with a location described as “SEDO” (Southeast Downtown). When will the madness stop!” [Eddie, commenting on The Clearings on Clinton]

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  • NoEaDo: NorthEastDowntown ! That’ll confuse the hell out of everyone,realtors included!

  • Even better… do away with the cheesy EaDo name altogether! Come on, the best people can come up with is to steal the overused “…Do?” Lame.

  • Agreed with urbannomad 100%

  • “When will the madness stop!”

    You’re arguing over the borders of the fabulously, completely nouveau EaDo, and you’re asking when the madness will stop? Everybody knows that Pandora’s box can’t be closed until the only thing left in it is hope.

  • …and get off Eddie’s lawn!

  • Lame, hmm?…the LAwndale MEtro route!

    Downtown Dallas Street area…DoDa

    Post Oak/Loop area – PooP

    Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area – GOOF

    East Montrose – EMo

    C’mon realtors! I know you have some snarky names for neighborhoods!

  • Hellsing: LOVE your names….too fricking funny…

  • When I first came to Houston in the early 90’s I was told that the neighborhood commonly known as Rice Military was named
    “Behind Otto’s”