Comment of the Day: The Galleria’s Best-Kept Secret

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE GALLERIA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET Secret Parking Space“It’s true; the secret to making a visit to the Galleria tolerable (even *gasp* enjoyable) is to have a secret parking spot that’s always available. Like many commenters here, I hated going there. But when I finally found my spot, I no longer dread going there even on weekends! (Forget about the holidays though . . . ain’t nobody got time for that). And no, I’m not telling any of you where it is.” [crono_clone, commenting on A Longtime Houstonian’s Guide To Surviving the Recent Onslaught of New Developments and Residents] Illustration: Lulu

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  • pics or it never happened.

  • parking is one thing (I have a secret spot too) but you still have to get to and from the Galleria, the traffic still keeps me away

  • I absolutely agree, I’m at the Galleria now (and have been coming here for 20 years) and although it’s packed because of the tax free weekend, I was able to find my secret parking spot on the first try.

    P.S. It’s located in the >£|>>%\ section right next to #%€¥¥^*.

  • I must already know the secret (without knowing that it was a secret) because I never have trouble finding parking at the Galleria.
    The Galleria was more fun when it was a little less upscale.

  • I’ve always heard that the secret to a painless Galleria visit is valet parking.

  • We COMPLETLY exhausted this on that thread. This was like the 5th commenter saying essentially the same thing. Of course I agree, I started the whole discussion on The Galleria. Please let’s not hash all that out again…new topic please

  • it’s weird, there must be a lot of secret parking lots with secret spots, or we all have the same secret spot and just are never there at the same time.
    My secret spot isn’t exactly secret, just no one thinks to go there, so if I have to park 20 steps from the entrance on the day after thanksgiving, or when the NBA all star game is in town, I’m shocked.

  • Always approach from the south and exit to the south. Never a problem for me.

  • You can always find parking at the garage on Alabama @ Sage, just walk through Saks 5th and you’re right in the middle of the mall. Never ever go in through Westheimer entrances.

  • I still recall the days of free surface parking right outside Neiman Marcus and the Westheimer Galleria II mall entrance. I can get in and out now, also via a super secret strategy, but I have to be REALLY motivated, usually by tandem semi-annual sales that make it worth venturing in there.

  • I just park at Dillards and walk right across Post Oak at the pedX and I have parked and gotten inside of Neiman Marcus all in like 2 min…no matter what time of year and its free!

  • Err, I have to admit I have my own secret parking space, but I’m taking down all these others for future reference, in case my space gets discovered. I love the Galleria–it had Northpark in Dallas are my favorites and I think I’ve been to every major mall of note in the county –King of Prussia is pretty cool too.

  • Adoile: I do the same. I can get the Galleria from my house pretty quick. Turn on frontage, cut in at the sex shop, park across from Neiman, walk right in.

  • I know exactly where the secret spot is, and since rare is the occasion I concern myself with Galleria traffic nowadays, I’m happy to reveal it.

    In the Yellow garage on L2, almost directly underneath the location of the now-shuttered Gigi’s, there is exactly *one* standalone space near a loading zone area / freight elevator / service entrance that appears at first glance as though it is either not really a parking spot, or in fact is reserved for some official use or purpose. It is not.

    I’ve been parking there with a >90% success rate since I was a teenager, once finding the spot conspicuously unattended at 7pm on December 23. Have at it, Houston.