Comment of the Day: The Great West Houston Divorcée Belt

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE GREAT WEST HOUSTON DIVORCéE BELT “It basically runs in between Beltway 8 and 610 and is crossed by the likes of Westheimer, Woodway, Richmond, Bissonnet et al. Basically these people met in drunken stupors along the Richmond strip in the early 80s at those cheesy night clubs; tried to make lasting marriages but eventually divorced; and then bought homes and patio homes close but not too close to their old stomping grounds. Incidentally, many of them work non-descript office jobs at middle market companies in the Westchase district and raaaaaave about the tres leches cake at the Churrasco’s out there on Westheimer. Yay Divorcee Belt!” [Bobby Hadley, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game: Blue Check]

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  • That’s a pretty damn good comment. And it surprisingly seems to have some truth.

  • The accuracy of that assessment is remarkable! I’ve never thought of it like that before but have to admit that the divorce belt certainly does exist, and is quite healthy due to the replenishment of new members steadily made available.

  • The best move I made after my divorce was to move downtown.

  • MMMmmmm. I like it!

    Much like the Museum Tower is full of divorced Porsche driving newly-single men over 40.

  • “Divorced, Porsche-driving, newly single men over 40.”

    What a set of adjectives!

  • Brad — this is definitely your realm. No insights? Snarky comments? Brad…? Brad….?