Comment of the Day: The House Hunter

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE HOUSE HUNTER “I’m glad I took my other 120 trophies out of the house for you. Judging by the times of the post, I see most are either jobless or on ya’lls smoke break. Obviously fans of the all too many tract home and Kirklands decor, you obviously know nothing about decorating and fine antiques. Reproductions?? Really please to be upset that a table cost more than your car . . . it’s ok . . . AHH time to go hunting . . . you guys clock back in and go to work. If you guys have any special request for new mounts, let me know and I’ll shoot one for you :)” [safari jack, commenting on Exploring the Indoor Wildlife in a Pasadena Dead Animal House]

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  • Scenes from a short film entitled “Butthurt: The Comment.”

  • I’ll give 5:1 this guy drives a pickup lifted at least a foot.


  • Don’t feed the troll. Thank you.

  • Don’t feed the troll. Thank you.

    What about stuffing and mounting one? Of course I only hunt troll for the meat…

  • To Ian
    Sorry no jacked up truck just a Ford and a
    Bentley, Hummer h1, etal.

    Ill give the same odds that you are the proud owner of a 1990 Toyota Tercel riding on your spare ?

  • It’s down from 649k to 599k. The owner might want to consider taming the interior design a bit with some renovations and staging furniture instead of spending so much time taming the poor creatures of the wild.

  • Hey Safari Jack- Pride comes before fall. you should use your wealth for good – not for, well..
    yes we are 8 to fivers, but why hate? We cant all have cool stuff like you, my bet,
    your single.

  • I believe safari jack when he says he has a Bentley,etc… I have nothing against rich people. I usually find them less judgmental than people of modest means. I drive a Ferrari myself.

    You sure have the right to decorate however you like but we have the right to make fun of it. This house is the equivalent of showing up to school in your underwear. Decorate like this and you are going to get made fun of and deservedly so. Dude, this is really awful.

  • 120 others? Get help.

  • No amount of money compensates for poor poor taste.

  • Real or bogus; +1 to Safari Jack!

  • Honestly, I think there are more dead, stuffed endangered animals in Texas than left in the wild.

  • thanks for resurrecting the 2 month old post of this hilarious house. i also suspect that safari jack is fake, but if it is fake, someone did a great job of matching the style of the post with the “style” of the house.

  • “Sorry no jacked up truck just a Ford and a
    Bentley, Hummer h1, etal.”


    Ah yes, of course. Nothing says “compensating” these days more than a Hummer and a Bentley. Oh, that and all the dead wildlife in your house obviously.

  • On the internet, we all drive Bentleys and Ferraris.

  • It is sickening the number of
    “dead zoos” in Texas…what does it tell us about the owner of one?

  • its like a poorer version of the bad guy from the second ace ventura movie…

  • Ray-Mind your own business.

  • You can take your fancy car, meanwhile you live in Pasadena TX. The arm pit of the state.