Comment of the Day: The Kinds of Crap Developers Don’t Want To Deal With

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE KINDS OF CRAP DEVELOPERS DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH “It is in the developers best interests to retain historic structures whenever possible. They know that if you remove them all, you lose the sales value of the area. They aren’t stupid. They are just realistic about what people are going to live in and what is structural worth saving. Would you live in a home that’s had a hundred different animals [defecating] on the walls and floors for years? It looks structurally sound, but would you live there, where the pee has soaked into everything including the shiplap?” [Heights Weirdo, commenting on Proposed Historic District Changes: No Will Mean No, 67 Percent Will Mean Yes]

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  • “Would you live in a home that’s had a hundred different animals [defecating] on the walls and floors for years? It looks structurally sound” Yes. The price would certainly reflect the current condition, and there are was to seal odors like the metallic paint they use after fires. Historic residential restoration is rarely under taken by developers the return is to slow.

  • Bill,

    The price of the home would not reflect the smell of pee, it would be valued at “lot value”, like most non-restored 2 bedroom one bath homes are valued in historic districts, and protected districts.

  • HA! You are talking about developers on another planet, maybe responsible developers, but those aren’t the ones here now. The developers currently pillaging the Heights are not in anyway looking at the long term. They are looking at making their big bucks and moving on. They could care less about the value in ten years, only today.

  • Who are the “developers” in the Heights?

  • OK, I misspoke, I should have said the small responsible builders. I know several and they are all Heights-area residents too, raising families, so they do have a vested interest in the area. And like I said in the original post, there are exceptions-there will always be exceptions. I just don’t think this historic district is the way to fix the problem. And it should be done by each homeowner through the current available options, not by forcing a HAHC committee on everyone without a proper vote.

  • And I almost forgot…thanks for fixing my typo Gus! :-)

  • markd, are you asking me if I know Tricon, or if they are the exception? Tricon is one builder that I don’t know personally so I can’t comment on them.

    I just hate that there are lots of small builders in the Heights who get a bad rap because of some of the more well-known builders, a few of which have torn down some great old houses to appeal to a wealthy clientele.

  • We need more buildings in Houston more! more! MORE!!!!!