Comment of the Day: The Lure of the Empty Parking Lot

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE LURE OF THE EMPTY PARKING LOT “If I am driving around town and need to stop to buy some bars of soap, and I see a store on the left with a crowded parking lot and the store on the right with a spacious parking lot, which one do you think that I would normally choose to go to? I don’t want to spend 5 minutes looking for one of the 50 remaining parking spaces. Do you? Plus, if the parking lot looks crowded, don’t you think that a driver is going to say, ‘ummm..that store looks really busy. It might take a while to get in and out of there. I think I’ll pass and go to the store across the street.’” [Random Poster, commenting on On Top of Old 1,1-Dichloroethene: The New Silber Rd. Walmart]

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  • And people are surprised when Houston floods. That space is a major drainage area to Buffalo Bayou.

  • People should really stop blaming concrete especially for areas in Greens Bayou Watershed and south. The underlying soil is incapable of absorbing much of the rain that falls on it. Removing the concrete won’t see a much improvement in flooding. Will it be less, yes, but not by much.

  • Um, I might simply not stop at anywhere that has 800 parking spots, two doors and only four registers ever open. I don’t care how cheap said soap is.

  • Wal-Mart needs to learn from HEB. According to the Houston Chronicle report, the “Wilshire” HEB store will be built on “stilts” so that there will be parking available underneath the store. This leaves room for a 2-acre park.

  • Nope. Crowded parking lots don’t deter me. Wal-Marts in general deter me. I’ll pick a crowded H-E-B over Wal-Mart anyday. But I guess I’m biased since I grew up in the San Antonio area, land of H-E-B.

  • I’ve become very disenchanted with HEB. They’ve taken to doing away with national brands in favor of their own.

    I wanted to buy some dental floss the other day and all they had was their brand and one other….Oral B. All the pegs that formerly held other brands had only theirs now.

    Didn’t buy any. And it’s other items as well. I know the trend for most stores is to push their own but this is getting ridiculous with HEB. At least the one where I (used) to shop.

  • I would completely agree with this statement, except for it will be nearly impossible to see the Walmart parking lot from the highway … the Dave & Busters, and Marquee Center is genearlly in the way of the view from I-10 … not saying that its much of a view in the first place … oh well.