Comment of the Day: The North and South Blvd. Photoshoot Battle Is Just Warming Up

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NORTH AND SOUTH BLVD. PHOTOSHOOT BATTLE IS JUST WARMING UP “As a close relative of a Broadacres resident I will report what I know. Yes, the esplanades are privately owned and maintained by the homeowners and the signs are legal. The reason for the signs was the volume of people taking pictures. I have lived there for 15+ years and it has never been this bad. In the evenings you will have 2, 3, or 4 groups of people on each block taking pictures and it’s not just people that are the problem, it’s all of the props (sofa, chairs, tables, GLITTER, lighting) that they bring with them too. As some commenters have pointed out, some homeowners have approached those taking pictures and gotten back a lot of attitude and some form of “This is public property.” Err, well, no it isn’t actually. The signs were a compromise to discourage further pictures and serve as an initial educational campaign. If it backfires or the signs are ignored there will most likely be some sort of security enforced permitting in place or, the nuclear option, buying out the streets from the city and gating the neighborhood.” [BroadAcres Brat, commenting on New Signs Declare Photo Shoots Will No Longer Be Allowed on North and South Boulevards] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I am pretty sure that CoH will not be selling North & South Blvds.

  • I would like to see a copy of the documentation that would state that the landscaping in the middle of the the public right of way is private land. Relying on the HCAD parcel viewer is not a reliable source; there is a disclaimer that pops up that says its only shows an approximate location of the property boundaries.
    I am also curious as to what the total HOA fees are associated with upkeep of the landscaping, sprinklers, lighting etc… the maintenance dues could be perceived as a form of ownership and thus the claim for private land.
    There is a similar boulevard running through Tanglewood between San-Felipe and Chimney Rock could this happen there too?

    On another note, the outrageous photo shoots as described in the comment would piss me off. Just think of the fun if one could remotely activate the sprinklers when appropriate.

  • There was a man that used to sun bath at the park by our house in a thong….. Eventually it became a thing and news spread among the male thong wearing demographic that the place to sport your hammock was at that park. Soon enough there was a parade held every other month at the park. Brightly colored floats drove around the park all day spewing beads into an endless sea of thong wearing spectators willing to share a peek. That’s when it got out of hand. There was only so much skin the neighborhood could handle before we called Betsey who’s nephew did graphic design. We had him print 8.5 x 11 flyers and chose Times New Roman as the typeface for our message: “From Dusk til Dawn, No Hammocks on the Lawn. From Dawn til Dusk, Keep the Corn in the Husk.”

  • No glitter or couches in that picture…is there something I’m missing?

  • @It’s almost time for Dinner you can look at the tax plats on HCAD – it will show that it’s privately owned. Honestly I can’t blame the homeowners upset by this nuisance. Just another example of the tragedy of the commons.

  • Ahhh, the dream of every Houstonian who has a little more wealth than the guy next to him. Gating everything.

  • If it’s private property go ahead and put a fence around it with owners only have a key. Doesn’t that make sense if it’s private property.

  • Historic bricks are so important, everyone wants to fight over them.

  • Broadacres residents shouldn’t have to subsidize the incomes of professional photographers making several hundred dollars per photoshoot. If they want to go there to shoot then they should pay the owners of the common. If people value greenspace and beauty they should refuse to live in neighborhoods without these features. Houston would then be filled with beautiful old live oaks and cypress trees, songbirds and herrons. I am living in my car because I refuse to participate in this race to the bottom housing market. If we all demand better we WILL get better.

  • The neighborhood should develop something like Rice University has for photography on the Rice campus. Amateur photographers are welcome but need to check in with the Rice Campus Police station beforehand.
    Professional photographers must register with Rice University ($50 annual fee) and each photo shoot also costs $50. There is an online registration system with certain hours and approved campus areas available for photography. Only one hour per photo session is allowed and there are rules for equipment, behavior, etc.

  • There is NO WAYYYYYYY the city will EVER sell those streets. Look for the City of Houston to look at the taxes on that park that’s “privately” owned. You’re right this will ujly….for the residents of Broadacres.

  • If the residents want to claim these sidewalks as private, where are the public sidewalks on these public streets?