Comment of the Day: The Only 5 Houston Neighborhoods You Meet on TV News

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE ONLY 5 HOUSTON NEIGHBORHOODS YOU MEET ON TV NEWS Houston Neighborhoods on TV“It’s a balancing act. If they get too specific (address! intersection!) the newscasters know that the overwhelming majority of the metro which has no relation to that spot will tune out. If they are too vague (somewhere in the solar system!), once again they run the risk that the audience will feel no connection to the dateline location of the story and will also tune out. But there’s that sweet spot (southwest Houston!) where a large wedge of the viewing audience will think ‘I live/work/school sometimes in what I think of as southwest Houston’ and sit up and pay attention. Gotcha, TV viewers!” [slugline, commenting on What If Local Reporters Could Keep Their Houston Neighborhoods Straight?] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I thought news media was supposed to focus on facts and providing accurate unbiased information. To me that would include the actual neighborhood name or nearest major cross streets and not mislead viewers general areas that include a fourth of the cities land mass. If people care to know where the location is they can look it up on the internet. Simple! If people don’t have internet and still want to know then there is this place called the library and its freakin free!