Comment of the Day: The Phantom Tollbooths of I-10

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTHS OF I-10 “Ahe yes, the technology of the HOT lane. I had the opportunity to reverse communte I10 last week all week and every day I was the only car to correctly stay in the toll lane as I went past the toll gate rather than seamlessly merging into the high occupancy lane [and then] merging back out after skipping the toll. It looked like a peloton of single occupant cars as we sped along. Do they actuially intend to enforce the high occupancy part of this system somehow at some point[?]” [Jimbo, commenting on Paying Tolls on I-45, 290, and 59]

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  • In a reverse commute, the tolls are charged for all lanes, not just the Non-HOV lane, despite what the sign says. Travelers on the normal commute direction will find the booth manned, and tolls charged for violators.

  • Spell check is a wonderful thing, Jimbo.