Comment of the Day: The Rice Military March

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE RICE MILITARY MARCH “I walk around in Rice Military and between the old homes, new townhouses, ditches, curbs, overgrown lots, old pea-gravel concrete, newer brick-u-luxe pavers, electrical and cable boxes, new mailbox clusters, construction vehicles, and general chaos, there is hardly any contiguous sidewalk in any block in any direction.” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on Where the Sidewalk Takes a Little Break]

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  • It’s too bad that with all these great new houses, there isn’t more of an effort to build great neighborhoods.

  • It’s the City of Houston and their crazy rules. I built townhomes in Rice Military last year and they have changed the requirements on the width several times. At my lot they made me tie into a 4 foot sidewalk (of a townhome built in 2009) to my mine which was required to be 5 feet. Lots of weird and wild angles. They also don’t require existing homeowners to add sidewalks if they don’t have them already.

    Also, I wanted to add a culvert or at least beautify the open ditch and they told me that I should under no circumstance “touch” the ditches…

  • Ugh Rice Military while once quaint and charming is now ground zero for stucco trash and 4+ townhouses on what used to be a single family home’s lot. Expect this level of idiocy it’s a building boom, too bad no one really cares about quality or craftsmanship. Enjoy your 400k add water and stir stucco monstrosity; as you’re precisely why I left that neighborhood.