Comment of the Day: The Scourge of the Pedestal Sink

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE SCOURGE OF THE PEDESTAL SINK “. . . I noticed from the photos that the sink was replaced with one of these impractical pedestal sinks — one of these things where you can’t put *anything* except a tiny bar of hotel soap on. I realize that the previous sink probably was small, too, but if you’re going to replace a sink, can’t you replace it with something more practical? I know that some interior designers love them because they think a tiny sink makes small bathrooms look bigger, but there must be better solutions than this. Pedestal sinks may be fine for powder rooms, but certainly not for full bathrooms. I know of one case where a woman sold her house because she was fed up with not having any storage space in the bathrooms (among other reasons). And I once toured a house where someone had replaced a double-sink vanity with 2 pedestal sinks and then ended up building a really ugly, made-in-garage storage thing to put in between the sinks to compensate for the lost storage space. Ugh.” [Sabaushi, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Mint Condition]

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  • Totally agree. I hate them in hotel rooms as well. Where do I put my stuff?

  • That’s one upgrade we always do to a unit regardless of market or cost. If there is just some old sink sticking out of the wall or a pedestal sink, we always toss in a vanity.

  • I have such a small second bathroom that the only thing that would fit was a pedestal. And the smallest pedestal they make. We call it our “Barbie” bathroom.

  • I’ve been seeing a trend lately of those tube looking vanity’s with a vessel on top. Normally this leaves enough room on the top for a handtowel and a tooth brush, maybe a few other little things but at least you get the storage underneath and it takes up about the same amount of space with just a slightly larger footprint.

  • I have seen 2 applications where a pedestal sink was absolutely necessary to save space, both were half baths put behind a stairwell. Sometimes those extra few inches come in handy, especially around the knees and feet while maneuvering in and out of a small space.