Comment of the Day: The Short Timers

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE SHORT TIMERS “I’ve lived in Oak Forest now for 11+ years, zoned to OFE, in an original house just north of 43rd, west of Ella and about 5 years ago began receiving sporadic letters to buy the house site unseen. That stepped up a bit a year ago and we now get 2-3 a month from random builders/real estaters trying to purchase our house with promises to close within 30 days. Granted not all the original homes are gems, some need to be torn down, but there aren’t many of those now left, and other originals are well maintained and still solid, smaller by today’s standards, but that’s a preference for me. The kids enjoy the bigger yard. I don’t mind the new bigger homes that much, but unfortunately the new homes on the block have had owners that lived there for about a year before they put it back on the market. Both are back up for sale again at the same time. The block is pretty tight, we know each other, but really never got to know the folks in the new builds. That is the underlying issue for a lot of the folks in the neighborhood with the old vs. new, it’s the perceived mindset or commitment to the neighborhood.” [greg, commenting on Comment of the Day: That Brand-New Neighborhood Called Oak Forest]

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  • re:the new construction being up on the market sometimes in 12 to 18 months…I’ve seen that a lot in the Heights and surrounding areas. After paying realtor commissions, closing costs, etc., there’s almost no way to make a profit in that short a time. so why do these folks move out so quick? Job transfer? Or did the new quasi-urban reality not mesh with their perceptions?

  • @ShadyHeightster: The McMansion that was bought new and then resold maybe 18 months later in my 77018 ‘hood was indeed a relocation. I know this because the relo company is in the chain of title for the property. Apparently it didn’t sell quick enough for the owners, so the relo firm bought it, dropped the price, then sold it along another 6 months or so later.

  • I totally agree. The true spirit of neighborhood gets fuzzy with the McMansion crowd invasion. Sad.