Comment of the Day: The Teardown Dogwhistle

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE TEARDOWN DOGWHISTLE “I found that calling a property a ‘Charming Bungalow’ on MLS is a way to send a message to developers ‘Lot Value!!!’ without offending the hipsters in the neighborhood. Much like other beloved MLS code phrases . . . Fixer upper = Utter Dump, beware of tetanus!, Up and coming neighborhood = Sleep with one eye open and a finger on the trigger, Cosy = you’re better off living in a closet where you are now, Great Art Scene = Masses of unbathed malcontents roaming the streets and coffee shops.” [Commonsense, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Care for a Tower of Prayer]

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  • Yes, this comment was worthy of a reprint. Great Art Scene = Masses of unbathed malcontents roaming the streets and coffee shops. Hahahaha!

  • It would be funnier if it were truer. I don’t see too many people roaming the streets in the areas that have good art scenes. There also seems to be a shortage of good coffee shops. Oh well. At least it’s right on the money as far as played stereotypes!

  • It’s funny because it is completely true.

  • Really? The only people I see on the streets are people on their daily dog walks and the few people pushing their grocery carts from Fiesta. Hilarious.

  • A good laugh to start the morning. funny!

  • As someone who was screwed by hcad because of the realtor verbiage, I completely agree…

  • Commonsense is right on the $ (except, I would not characterize the hipsters that frequent the coffee spots and bars near me as “malcontents”). The older I get, the less I want to live anywhere near any businesses who service the bearded bike riding community. These hipster “kids” seem like a nice bunch and all, nothing against them. Hopefully they will scrape their money together and invest in the “charming” “fixer uppers” in the “Great Art Scenes”. I am, officially, old.

  • As someone who was screwed by hcad because of the realtor verbiage, I completely agree…

    ummmm….do tell

  • Yeah, when I hang out with the hipsters at Brasil in Montrose, they just won’t shut up about how pissed they are to see another realtor call a bungalow a “tear down/lot value” on MLS.

  • Old School: I go to Brazil a lot and have never heard such a conversation between two hipsters :P
    If I did hear such a conversation, I’d say “omg, it’s selling for only lot value!? That’s a steal! Buy it! Interest rates have never been lower. You can buy that place and your payment would be less than rent! Save it from the wrecking ball!”

  • Funny thing is, I see charming bungalow as meaning, well, charming bungalow. I see fixer upper as an opportunity (I bought a major fixer upper and LOVE it). I see up and coming neighborhood as an opportunity to get away from a Chase Bank and/or CVS/Walgreens on every corner. I see cosy and think the original poster not only lacks common sense, but also the ability to spell correctly.

  • odd, i thought all the hipsters stopped going to Brasil’s 5yrs ago when the yuppies took it over.

  • Joel – today’s yuppies are the hipsters you saw 5 years ago.

  • @ Lost in Translation,

    The har listing was over the top in glowing terms about the renovations that have been made to the house. True, some changes were made, but not to the extent of the realtor’s creative writing degree. I actually bought for nearly $20k under asking… the thing is, when I went to hcad for my taxes the following year, that was the first thing they pulled up. I’ve hired tax people, but still they keep raining the value of the building (not the lot). Right now all my comparables are about 1,000 sq. ft. bigger and the tax appraisal has gone up 31% in 4 years.

  • Stating: They used the HAR description against you? Dirty! You should be able to bring proof of your purchase price. While that doesn’t equate to “market value” it’s good ammo when HCAD is over purchase price.

  • @doofus,

    LOL at last four words. Sucked wine down my windpipe. Damn near choked to death.

  • @doofus, I’ve seen cozy spelled “cosy”–it’s a British (and possibly Canadian) variant. Just like “labour” and “centre”.

    There have been thousands of realtor-speak debunks over the years. Isn’t that half the point of this website? “Close to transportation” = Freeway (or train track) 10 feet away. “Long-time owner” or “Original decor/fixtures” = Grandma just died after not cleaning for 50 years. Heights “Area” = Tidwell. Who remembers “dust off this gem and make it shine?”

  • On second thought, I think “dust off this gem and make it shine” was Lovely Listing. It was a house whose HAR photos showed multiple rooms charred black from top to bottom, with unidentifiable burnt rubble heaped on the floors. Anyway…