Comment of the Day: The Trees of Wilshire Village

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE TREES OF WILSHIRE VILLAGE “Actually, it seems that efforts *may* be taken to spare at least some of the trees on the Wilshire Village property. From my vantage point across the street, I can see orange plastic fencing surrounding a number of trees…I can also see at least two bulldozers on the property, as well as a lot of broken-up pavement in the parking lots behind the apartments. I fear that the end is near and that I am soon bidding farewell to an old friend–but if we *do* see some of trees spared, that is at least some solace.” [M. Martin, commenting on Wilshire Village Apartments: Actual Tenants Actually Being Evicted]

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  • I hope that M.Martin is right, but the protective orange fencing could be because the demolition crew isn’t responsible for clearing the site of vegetation. They could be just there for demolition of buildings and removal of pavement.

    The owner may have another clearing and grubbing contractor that could come later and rip the trees and other plant out of the property.

  • So true. I lived on a 40 acre property that had 40 year old live oak trees, two streams, a natural waterfall and small lake and rolling terrain. All of the above were spared during building demo then later mowed down,graded and filled in later. Don’t get too attached to those Wilshire trees folks.

  • It’s sort of hard to see what’s going on behind the fence, but I drove down Dunlavy yesterday evening and noticed that all of the bricks had been removed from at least one of the buildings. Hopefully that indicates that some of the building materials are being saved

  • Hopefully that indicates that some of the building materials are being saved.

    I suspect quite a lot of the materials are being saved and sold as salvage. Just the copper wiring alone is probably worth a lot. Oops. I guess we know what tomorrow’s headline will be. “Thieves steal copper wiring from Wilshire Village.”

  • Matt’s probably right on the salvaging.

    If the bricks can be removed from the building with little damage, they are quite valuable for resale. The contractor in bidding this job most likely has already established avenues for selling what they pull out of this place.

    If everything is so valuable and precious as they claim, the demolition contractor will be happy to make some money off it.

    The owner of the property has one objective of wanting the cleared piece of land. The demolition contractor will give the owner that.