Comment of the Day: The Uchi Houston Parking Plan

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE UCHI HOUSTON PARKING PLAN “They have the whole 40,000 sf under contract, which includes the Prive building and the 12,000 sf lot across the street. The Prive building probably wont be leased to a bar or restaurant, thus freeing up more parking for the peak hours.” [Adam Brackman, commenting on Montrose Uchi To Be an Uchi; No Plans To Crush Felix]

One Comment

  • Excellent news!

    Hope there are legit NON-VALET options for patrons. Felix pulled it off.

    Otherwise I’ll “Uchi” on elsewhere.

    Hope so, cause I’m delighted that the Felix Bldg. is being repurposed. I figured the Bohemian vibe was dying around that little tract. I was fearing a demo and a 1000 sf *!!@#@ bank demi-building in its place.