Comment of the Day: The Wilshire Village Caper

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE WILSHIRE VILLAGE CAPER “Cohen is a limited partner and Dilick is the general partner. That helps explain why last February Dilick was telling people they were evicted and Cohen was telling them they could stay. Dilick is the GP and gets to call the shots. Who knows how or for how much Dilick became the GP (remember the rumors of tax delinquencies and Cohen seeking a bailout a few years back?) but I do recall Dilick surfacing in 2006 with his plan for putting a high rise there. That’s also the same time he started taking out loans on the property. So, my theory is that Dilick acquires his position as part of deal to help Cohen pay his taxes while maintaining partial ownership, uses the property as a piggy bank, comes to realize his development plans are going nowhere and he can’t find a buyer, can’t pay his loans because he couldn’t sell the property or make it profitable enough to cover his loans, defaults on his $13 million in loans, and tries every trick in the book to find a buyer and avoid foreclosure (including taking affirmative steps toward marketing the property, such as demolition, in an effort to satisfy lenders that money is on the way).” [Cap’n McBarnacle, commenting on Comment of the Day: The Ghost of Wilshire Village]